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training - Yoga Ed.™ Tools for Teachers

Yoga Ed. develops health/wellness programs and materials that utilize the physiological, emotional and educational benefits of yoga and creative play, and distributes them to children, teachers and parents through schools and communities. The Yoga Ed. K-8 Program is recognized as a cost-effective health and fitness program that fulfills the Challenge PE school standards in the U.S.. Yoga Ed. has been shown to enhance student focus, concentration, learning readiness and self-discipline.

Yoga Ed. - Tools for Teachers - Professional Development Workshop

Improve Class Management
Create Positive Learning Environment
Increase Student Performance

Relax and Center
Focus and Concentrate
Energize and Be Ready to Learn
Be Self-Aware and Responsible

The workshop is an experiential, interactive and didactic course that trains classroom teachers to use proven, effective yoga-based techniques in the classroom (K-8). The yoga practices work as behavior and classroom management activities, as well as enhance personal health/wellness and learning/productivity. Yoga Tools help teachers create a more focused, harmonious environment and support students in feeling ready and able to learn. Implementing Yoga Ed. programs enables students and teachers to decrease stress and improve responsible behavior and academic achievement.

  • Simple Yoga Techniques Designed for the Classroom
  • Teacher Endorsed as Proven Effective Class Management
  • Enhances Health, Concentration, Relaxation, and Learning
  • Yoga Tools Support Physical, Mind/Body Health and Increase Well-Being
  • Taught throughout Los Angeles, CA, USA Schools as Professional Development
  • Endorsed by Los Angeles Unified School District Intern Program
  • Proven Effective in University Studie
  • Taught Nationwide in the US and in Canada and Mexico
  • For all Ages and Body Types, No Prior Yoga Experience is Required

Through breath, yoga poses, games, and relaxation/visualization, this program develops self-awareness and the ability to self-care.  Specifically designed for the classroom, Yoga Tools need no extra space or equipment. Anyone can practice them to immediately feel more attentive, energized and calm. Using Yoga Tools for just 5-15 minutes on a regular basis enables both teachers and students to shift and manage their own mind-body state to reduce stress and improve focus, self-discipline and learning-readiness.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding of mind-body science as it applies to development, physiology, fitness, education and discipline
  • Application of yoga-based techniques that integrate the body-mind to enhance learning, health and behavior
  • A personal strategy for dealing with stress, enhancing health and well-being, and improving professional skills and productivity
  • Ability to choose and implement yoga-based techniques and activities for effective character development, behavior and class management and enhanced learning, health and harmony
  • New ways to see, address and engage students with individual needs that accompany multiple intelligences, language differences, learning differences/styles, as well as physical disabilities

Workshop can be 2-15 hours, depending on your needs. CEUs are available. For example, One-Day Workshop tuition: $100. Ask about School Group discounted rates! Fees include Yoga Tools Manual, Classroom Certificate, drinks and snacks. Directions and additional information is sent at registration. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook.

“In five minutes, you can be a more effective teacher.”
-Sarah Troy, LAUSD Teacher and Yoga Ed. Graduate

Questions?  Reach Cristin at: cristin@kidsandyoga.com

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