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testimonials - trainees

"Not only does training give you a fool proof way to approach teaching, Cristin is an amazing teacher who made me feel at ease and provided practical tools and advice. When I taught my first class I wasn’t really that nervous because I felt well prepared. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Cristin and the training. I can’t wait for next class that I can take." - Michelle Laurine

"May many more people benefit from these amazing teachings and your gift as a teacher.” -Sanjeet Kaur


"Thanks again for a wonderful weekend of education and fun! I look forward now to… applying what I have learned with the children - I feel I have a new perspective on yoga now and that you for that." -Sharon Ní Chulibín


"Sending so much love and gratitude for what was created… Thank you for holding the space so wonderfully for what was a truly beautiful weekend. I feel like I've known you for many many years...if not in previous lifetimes though it's quite possible that is due to the amazing quality you have to make us feel so held, cared for and nourished. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I pray we can honour these teachings, you as a truly valued teacher and those before you, by moving forward and sharing with grace, energy and compassion. It would be a true gift to stay connected and I pray for more of your precious sangat. Vaheguru." -Sanjeet Kaur

Europe Trainings in London, and in Kilkenny & Cork Ireland

Training at Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre in London

"...as a teacher my focus has become clearer to both myself and my students, and I have found myself taking on a much more collaborative role with my students rather then a typical hatha instructor's role of leading the children through poses... it for me is the missing link to translate yoga into something truly tangible to children. I am now able to bring the essence of yoga to the children's hearts and spirits... with a much greater sense of fulfillment after my classes and the children are more excited about the weekly classes and more curious about the origins of yoga and what it means for them and that is only after 1 month!!" -Denise Joanna Sheridan

Training at Well Within Yoga in Cork, Ireland

"My soul was longing for a re-connection tot he radiant child within and you certainly have re-inspired my passion for children's yoga, and I now know and believe that my soul purpose and destiny will be sharing yoga with children. You are a wonderful teacher, woman and inspiration. I truly hope that we meet again. I am a different teacher since taking this training with you." -Amanda Friel

"It was such a wonderful experience, I will cherish forever." -Nelunika Perera

Training at Radiant Light Yoga in Belgium

"Cristin was amazing. Her passion and enthusiasm were very inspiring. Thank you Cristin for giving me the tools to be able to work with kids' yoga!" -Sonal Kotecha

"Yesterday I did a yoga lesson for 4 children... I am writing to tell you how happy I felt while doing the class and the satisfaction I got by doing it.It was such an amazing feeling. The response I got from my sons was totally unexpected. They all love it so much and were involved right throughout... It was my first teaching experience for children which I will cherish forever. Thank you so, so much... once again for sharing your knowledge with us and giving us the opportunity to be our best in an area I was not even aware of, a couple of months back." -Nelunika Perera

"Thanks for your dedication. I have really enjoyed the training and learned a lot (and clearly still learning!) It was a good decision, becoming a child yoga teacher and happy you were the one teaching, you've touched something in me that ''needed'' to flow again. Thank you for that. At Lincoln they asked me to run an official afterschool activity and I agreed on that... Beside that I got a teaching job at the dutch school where I'm now teaching a girl/young woman with Down Syndrome... It's a busy life together with 4 kids but it's good. It is as if the decision to do the yoga kids training attracted a lot more!" -Ana

"We are sincerely grateful to you for making time out of your busy schedule to take our selected teaching staff through an intensive Yoga Training... Your dedication and patience demonstrated during the training is most appreciated." -Kamilla Kirpalani, Director, Little Explorers Montessori Plus, Accra, Ghana, West Africa

London, England, Europe teacher training at Southall Kundalini Yoga Center

"...clear, practical, down to earth, accessible and inspiring teaching... so generous with your time - to be such an open-hearted teacher is such a wonderful quality... I had such a fantastic experience." -Kristen MacPherson

"Will change my children's lives..." -Jelena Durovic

"This is just to say a big thank you and to show how grateful I am to have taken this class. I have to say it has had a big impact on me personally and it has also made me look at the world around me in a positive light. Thank you so much again." -Rana Torbay

"I just wanted to say that I am so happy that I attended the Radiant Child course last summer; it rekindled my love of Kundalini Yoga and I have continued since with a regular practice and reading... This weekend I attend my first 5am Sadhana!!  Working with the kids in schools has become much more fulfilling as I really feel I can tune in better to their needs and they enjoy our sessions together." -Sudevi Cumiskey

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa teacher training at Holistic Community Kenya

"Cristin is an inspiration to me. Her energy and calmness are amazing." -Sviatlana Ssemakula

"Cristin is very knowledgeable, in my opinion, and I loved that she showed the poses. I felt her enthusiasm, that she is genuine, and works or lives I would rather say, from her heart... Thank you very much for your brightness (that's what I see in your eyes) enthusiasm and encouragement. Please continue to do this important and inspirational work you're doing for as long as you shine in it." -Dionne Verbeet

"Cristin was wonderful - she is engaging and fun, and a natural teacher. Her instructions are clear and easy to understand." -Clare Handyside

London, England teacher training at Southall Kundalini Yoga Centre

"I loved your course and felt from the deepest of my being that you are a wonderful, genuine and loving being who loves children unconditionally and want to share your wisdom with all of us about your gift. I am looking forward to the 3rd level!" -Devi Kirin Sonia

"Thank you so much for this past weekend. It really has been one of the most inspiring courses I have ever taken. I really enjoyed your honesty and passion you have for yoga and children." -Gemma Iannone

"Cristin is an excellent teacher - she has the gift of combining in-depth knowledge and experience with warmth and generosity. Her enthusiasm is contagious!" -Susie Jones

"For me, doing the thing I most feared [teaching the yoga] (set) and having reflection and positive feedback about my ability to connrct with kids - is the most rewarding learning for me." -Pettina Jay Thorn

"Captivating teacher who speaks from experience and the heart." -Christena Howell

"Went beyond my expectations! Cristin was a wealth of knowledge from all over and was great at sharing this - as well as honoring the knowledge in the room, plus the course content was rich and thorough." -Maria Firmino-Castillo

"Felt as if she was able to meet us as humans, wives, mothers and bring out that which is greater than us." -Angela Graciana

"Cristin was fantastic, very knowledgeable and her delivery style was easy to follow... taught with a lot of humanity and depth... amazing!" -Betsy Small

Brussels, Belgium, Europe teacher training at Sounyai Centre

"Cristin is a great teacher... she is inspiring and I can tell she is a master of the subject." -Mariana Barrenechea

"You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with so many - around the world. I will carry your energy as I teach children." -Jane Schlosser

"By the way, the material you gave us is really helpful and the music is really sweet and inspiring... it was a wonderful week-end that made us see not only children but people in general from a different perspective." -María Augusta Hernandez

"I'm still awed by your fantastic energy and so grateful to you for sharing your amazing knowledge and experience." -Jennifer Landsbert-Noon

"Cristin taught us with so much humor, such a wide experience - so much knowledge. It was in every single minute a gift to be here... In my heart, I still listen to this wonderful inner sound of our interesting weekend in Brussels. Thank you so much to you all, especially Cristin. In my thoughts you will always assist me during my lessons ... I still think every day of the last great weekend and the huge present you gave to us! It is not only the "technique" you taught me - but much more the philosophy to teach the kids how to improve the world by their big souls in little bodies. It means a lot to me to have the chance to be a yoga teacher for kids. And you gave me the base - of everything still coming.... Thank you from all my heart." -Nanni Della Casa

"Thanks! Not only for these tools, but for the effect it has had on my own transformation as well. I can become a better person thanks to you... in fact, I know I will ... I just wanted to say that I am so very grateful to have met all of you... It has been a wonderful weekend for me, and you'll always be in my heart. So I'm just picking up the gratitude stone once again, and say thank you - to Cristin, for giving this gift to so many teachers, and through them, to so many children around the globe, and to each and every one of you, for being so warm and loving, and sharing your experiences. I never felt so at home before. " -Nele Bemong

"Cristin is great, she has the gift of transmitting, knowledge, experience, fun and patience. She will always point out the "best" in everyone. Thank you so much." -Valérie Paulus

"Cristin surpassed expectations and her intention was pure and clear." -Fiona Crossley

"...to remember that positive attention brings positive energy in return - useful in all areas of life." -Jennifer Landsbert-Noon

"Well the workshop was super inspiring. It gave me the confidence to come up with ideas for classes. You covered everything that I could think of... I do like that you had us "do classes"... -Mary Chattin

"I loved the RCYP course! I thought you were very good at what you do and I learned a lot about Yoga in general as well. It was a treat for me to get to experience class with all the different women, who had different perspectives, ideas and goals. I am very interested in Yoga and a holistic lifestyle, so it was very informative to hear you speak about many different things pertaining to those topics. Other than that, the kids LOVE coming to class. They laugh and have fun. They bring lots of energy and happiness to the class and I'm having a blast teaching them. Thanks again and take care!” -Joanna Auter

“I started applying your teachings the very next day. It's wonderful. It's sooo easy to apply the yoga games to drama curriculum. I will have to send you the lesson plan of the "follow the leader" slaps that I named  "Organic Choreography"  -  the art of leadership. It was a whole class activity then morphed into a small student group activity then became a peer critique with guidance on how to communicate openly and honestly.. I expanded the yoga teachings to my 7th and 6th graders now and found school art money to buy class sets of mats etc...   ***  OH... I invited my administrators to one of the drama classes that started with a yoga practice. Now that they have seen it and the positive affects... I will offer yoga in the morning to students, parents, and teachers on the days we have to take stressful state required tests.” -Amber Amerson-Nelson, Magnet Lead/ Theatre Instructor, LaVilla Middle School of the Arts

“Open, inspiring, full of great info, an amazing example as a teacher… It was spiritual and inspirational in the Kundalini Yoga tradition but also very concrete.” -Autumn Wilson, Yogachai Studio owner

“Fresh, uplifting approach.” -Sabrina Huffman

“Wow! Cristin was/is so packed full of all kinds of wonderful information, knowledge, experience and care. She met and exceeded expectations.” -Elissa Langenegger

“I thought Cristin did an excellent job! I really enjoyed and appreciated her knowledge about the Radiant Child Yoga Program and yoga in general – especially about Kundalini Yoga… I feel more empowered and confident about working with children and yoga.” -Kahlil Kuykendall

“Exceptionally wonderful! I feel much more competent after doing level II. I think it’s a must!!!!” -Heidi Alexander, owner Prema Salon

“I received both the take away materials and first-hand experiential practice for teaching to a variety of age groups.  There is a lot of room for creativity and improvising in teaching yoga to kids. Cristin, you present your course with knowledge & confidence, humor & warmth… you bring such passion to your teaching. It is contagious, inspiring, and encouraging. Thank you! I feel so blessed to have been here.” -Charlotte Brown
“Loved how Cristin demonstrated… great energy, knowledge, willingness to share information… instructor was terrific, full or experience & insight.” -Ali Kamen

“Exceed expectations and very valuable materials. Wonderful! Awesome and very effective teacher.” -Christy Grace

“Great, very well organized… A+ well spoken, subject matter expert.” -Mark Scafaria

“Cristin’s passion and vitality motivated me to work toward being an excellent teacher. She is quick, expressive and readily adjusts to the needs of the group… Exceptional information of value in understanding and applying Kundalini Yoga… the value of Kundalini Yoga in self wellness and joy and fun in sharing Kundalini Yoga with others.” -Marilyn R. Vaugh

“Thanks so much Cristin for coming to spend time with us once again. I had an amazing time !!! Your teaching is fun and informative which makes it easy to learn and use. I have been teaching all the songs to the children that come with their Grandmothers to Chair Yoga. Sometimes we get 3 or 4 kids, and they really like to get involved with the Seniors in the group. I saw no reason why they should sit out the class before and now I see many possibilities why they should sit in. So, I have taught them the "I am Happy, I am Good " among others and the ladies think is is so cute. I may not ever teach a children's class but I am using almost everything you presented in my Chair Yoga classes and with my Special needs people.” -Donna McGee

“Thank you for a class filled with loving energy and learning. I hope we will meet again.” -Sharon Barbarisi

“Exceed expectations. Excellent – shared lots of personal experience which makes it so good. Very gentle and kind.” -Sharon BarbarisiI

“Very clearly focused on teaching children as an honor and a mission. Clearly joyful about her work. Kept the class fun and energetic, but also demonstrated how to RELAX with kids… Very positive energy.” -Brigette Nelson

“She [Cristin] obviously has an excellent grasp of how to interact with children and ways to speak with them.” -Ashley Peterson

“For the record, I enjoyed teaching the classes tremendously and got a lot of positive feedback that the kids really liked and benefited from it. Major thanks to you… for helping me prepare for it." -Jennifer Rosenberg

Jacksonville, FL, USA teacher training at Yoga Ananda Studio

“Great instructor- Dynamic! Motivating. I also have a new and different perspective/respect for Kundalini Yoga.” -Marla Pinski

“Great teacher” -Lisa Newlan

“It was awesome. I never imagined how powerful yoga is, not just for children, but for me… This was truly amazing. I really feel I want to pursue this and hope that I can make this program as important as it shows. I can make and help children pursue peace in life and help them motivate others with their peaceful mind.” -Cindy Guido
“How amazing to see us all on the Web site as teachers and we are still a buzz here from your visit. I am and I have heard all say we are so excited about your return... I have been to a few teacher trainings. Yours are by far the most fun, innovative and you made it so easy to remember most of the information. Thanks again for coming so far to bring us this gift.” -Donna McGee Carpenter

“It exceeded my expectations! Cristin was an amazing instructor – openness, sharing, caring and incredibly knowledgeable... The resources, handouts, books, c.d., etc. are all such great tools to reinforce the experience of the workshop. I will get great use of these and appreciate having then be part of the program.” -Nancy Marin

“I truly expected to learn yoga poses good for kids and walk away! Cristin was unbelievable! The energy and peacefulness and wisdom she carries with her make being with her to learn such a job. My expectations were more than fulfilled. I really feel like this training is life changing for me! I can’t wait for Cristin to come back and teach...” -Felicia Krajack, Peaceful Yoga

“This was truly wonderful.” -Francie Billotti Wood

“The course exceeded my expectations. Cristin is a teacher who teaches from the heart and experience. The workshop flowed smoothly. All questions were honored. Cristin speaks softly, but confidently. Extraordinary group of strong, confident women.” -Mary K. Priest

“It exceeded my expectations. Fantabulous! Cristin-very present, great energy, clear communication, compassionate & inspirational.” -Jennifer Connell

“Exceed my expectations. The content was incredibly helpful and so many creative ideas to use in class. She helped with almost any circumstances that might arise.” -Melissa C.A. Johnson, owner Yoga Ananda Studio, FL

“More than I could have believed possible. She was, from her first words, full of real information that can be used, easy to assimilate and a ray of joy as she taught... Cristin is excellent.” -Donna McGee Carpenter

“100x more than I imagined – Cristin covered every aspect of teaching children but also gave so much of herself, her spirit, kindness and peace. You gave us courage!” -Susan Dusenbury

“It was fun and very valuable to take part... I enjoyed the course very much and would refer it to anyone who wants to teach yoga to children. Thanks!” -Alexandra V. Ledesma

“She has peace and serenity about her. Her love for teaching and children were radiating from her.” -Charlotte Freckman

“Above and beyond expectations! Cristin is an amazing teacher!” -Beth Cory

"I am having the best time teaching children's yoga with all the info. that you and Shakta taught me. Thank you! I am loving it, and my kids are having a blast too!" -Ellen Rule

"I wanted to thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful course this weekend. I left so inspired, and even a bit blissful, as I drove back to North Carolina. The thought of being able to impart higher consciousness, love, greater intention, and so much fun on groups of children is beyond exciting and wonderful to me... I also wanted to say what a delicious pleasure you are. You are kind and caring and wonderful... and your eyes say it all.......the children you teach are lucky to have you as their teacher!!! I so enjoyed meeting you!! I wish for you peace and love and all of the joy and bliss that you deserve to have!" -Jennifer Lazinsk

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