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testimonials - kids & parents

"My son... just loooooves the radiant child music and we have a great time dancing/doing yoga postures to it." 

"My daughter Gigi has done yoga before at your studio and loves it!" -Toni Glickman Leinhardt

"Thank you so much for coming out to the International Children's Festival to teach yoga. I had a number of people get in touch with me specifically to let us know how they liked and enjoyed the yoga training (for them and their kids!) -Angela Jerardi, Arts Council of Fairfax County, VA

"When I got to be with you when you were teaching... I thought that the best person for teaching kids... would be you. You are an excellent excellent teacher." -AM, (regarding Cristin and children's yoga)

"Yoga was great and really relaxing. I felt like I could express myself.” -Sarah Mack, 8 years old

"I thought that you did a wonderful job of connecting the kids to yoga poses and philosophies through familiar, but frequently changing, themes such as animals. Thanks for being so conscientious and an inspiration to the children." -Heidi Hinish

"THANKS for introducing Harry to Yoga with Animals. I appreciate your patience with us. I wish I could record the moments during the week when Harry refers to or acts out a yoga experience, as I think you'd be surprised at the impact it has." -Diane Holt

 "Maggie and I intend to sign up again for Spring. We love your yoga classes!" -Charlotte

 "My daughter was mesmerized by the children's yoga program we attended hosted by Cristin and Spiral Flight. At age two and a half, she sometimes needs to move from one activity to another pretty quickly, but Cristin's approach was so creative, so cheerful and so well-oriented to children that she stayed involved from start to finish. The songs were fun, the movements were perfectly suited for children to move easily and much was made of imaginative play. I also really enjoyed being part of the class - not only did I enjoy watching the children's happiness, but I had the chance to stretch and take part as well. There are many activities out there for children - this one is a must!!" -P. Wilson

"Cristin came to do a yoga demo at a small play group we have and it was terrific! I am interested in having something similar for my son's third birthday party (he can't stop doing the downward facing dog)... I'd love to have some mommy + me yoga." -Elizabeth Miller

"I'd like to encourage other moms and dads to bring their toddlers to this terrific class... I'd love to see this class continue, not just because my 2-yr old daughter and husband and I love it, but because it's rare to find a yoga class for kids under 4. We all know why -- herding toddlers is like herding cats... the instructor, miraculously keeps kids breathing and moving by imagining ourselves at the beach (surfing/warrior 2 and swimming/locust pose), picking apples from our (vrkasana) trees and sleeping (savasana). It's fun, it's at a reasonable hour (9:30am-10:15am Sat mornings), and it's not about product loyalty (a la Gymboree)... a chance to bond in a reassuring, close way with your kid." -Sharon Kaufman, 29 September 2003

"My husband brought our daughter on Saturday and they really enjoyed the class. Thank you!" -Rosanne Hoffman (regarding the toddler class)

“As a teacher, she is one of the most creative and energetic people I know. Given a sparse outline for curriculum and very limited resources, she was able to design lessons that were both fun and educational. She has a gift for knowing how the children will best learn... Cristin is more than just out of the ordinary, but truly exceptional. She is a dedicated and determined individual who is making a difference in the world, one step at a time… full of ideas, energy and ability that has no end.” -Caroline McCormick

“Cristin… proved to be one of our best teachers... She brought a level of enthusiasm and commitment to the environment that was contagious… She found creative ways to make everything come alive in the students hearts and minds. Then empowered them to make choices in their lives… Cristin possess unique qualities that not only enable her to get the job done, but make working with her a joy.”
-Scott Baker

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