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Yoga for babies, tots and kids is fun, active and yet calming and subtly infuses a sense of self-worth. Through the physical practice, yoga enhances strength, body awareness and nurtures flexibility and freedom of movement while growing corresponding self-confidence. Yoga gives children healthy bodies and minds and develops their radiant little selves. Kids are not immune to stress - and they are surrounded by it once they merge into society, from the bright lights of a hospital birth, to breathing polluted air, and when they go to school. By contrast, nurturing yoga provides a safe, secure, non-competitive environment, positive sense of self, a joyful space to be, and the opportunity for planned relaxation.

Kids’ yoga poses are mostly the same as in adult yoga, with modifications so they are developmentally appropriate. This means for babies, the movements are very simple, slow and repetitive, also incorporating songs to help their brains integrate the body movement on varied levels. As children get older, we slowly add more complexity to the poses. For example, tree pose a standing pose in yoga, is one that you can do with babies lying down (by moving their legs into the position), then with tots you have them try it standing while holding their hand or leaning on the wall. Younger children eventually can balance on their own (in the middle of the room) and bring their hands to their head as they balance.  Older children will add arm movements, learn to play with focal points to help balance, as well as add twists to challenge them more. These little steps and building up the experience for children is valuable for their physical development as well as brain development.

Children’s yoga classes are more dynamic and louder than most adult yoga classes. By incorporating bubbles, toys, songs, games and age-appropriate challenges to keep the children engaged, the yoga matches and flows with their energy level. Children play at yoga, just like they play to learn everything else, which gives many benefits. It also eases them into adult yoga as they grow - what a gift!

Kids of all ages love yoga and can do yoga. Let’s give more children the opportunity to experience this gift of yoga. With it, they will gain valuable tools for health, confidence, balance and it will bring out their radiance now and in the future.

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