other links
  • Always-at-Aum, www.always-at-aum.com, website of Robin Appel, Yoga Ed. Trainer and adult yoga teacher, based in NY
  • Baby Swimming, www.babyswimming.com, provides awareness of a gentle "whole child" approach to teaching young children how to swim. Focus on fun, well-being and readiness builds on physical/safety skills with a yogic, Montessori-like approach.
  • Bizzy Bee, http://yoga.bizzybee.eu, specializes in the wellbeing, development and education of babies and young children. Offerings include signing for hearing children, yoga for children and baby massage. 
  • Children's Yoga, www.childrensyoga.com, home of the Radiant Child Yoga, created by Shakta Kaur Khalsa. 
  • Circus Yoga, www.circusyoga.com, for playful, family and group yoga.
  • Itsy Bitsy Yoga, www.itsybitsyyoga.com, Helen Garabedian's site for baby, tot & tyke yoga
  • Music Together, www.musictogether.com, a truly fabulous music enrichment program for early childhood development of music aptitude, that is evidence-based, developmentally appropriate and fun bonding for babies/children and parents
  • Next Generation Yoga, www.nextgenerationyoga.com, founded by Jodi B. Komitor, author of the Idiot's Guide to Kids Yoga.
  • Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy, www.samaryacenter.org, Molly Kenny's wonderful non-profit that works with kids, including children with special needs
  • Sun Yoga, www.sunyoga.com, a non-profit that spreads yoga for children and adults, with information on World Children's Yoga Day.
  • Universal Children's Day, created in 1954 by the United Nations, learn about U.S celebrations and celebrations around the world.
  • Yoga Ed., www.yogaed.com, works to get yoga and all its benefits into schools.
  • Yoga Kids International, www.yogakids.com, Martha Wenig's program based in IN.
  • Yoga for the Special Child, www.specialyoga.com, Sonia Sumar's wonderful program for kids with special needs.
  • Y.O.G.A. for Youth, www.yogaforyouth.org, focusing on at-risk and incarcerated youth.

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