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Launch of Kids & Yoga! and more news

Apr 19, 2009

Happy to update you on some great news!

* Welcome to my website called Kids & Yoga!: www.kidsandyoga.com

* I am launching a distance learning program called Kids & Yoga!™ International Teacher Training Certification. Please share with others who need a flexible learning option or live too far to train in person. There will be regular teleconference calls open to anyone on great kids' yoga topics. Learn more at: http://www.kidsandyoga.com/KidsandYogacertificationdistancelearning.html

* New Kid's Yoga Lesson Plan... 5 W’s of Yoga. I co-created this with Jodi B. Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga. More than 22 pages, this original kids' yoga thematic lesson is the perfect introduction for teaching children about Yoga, specifically: WHAT is Yoga, WHO created yoga, WHERE did yoga come from, WHY we do yoga, and WHEN it is best to do yoga. Whether you are a parent, school-based educator, experienced or newbie, this lesson plan is for you and the children in your life. It is thoughtfully designed so that everyone can learn something new. It includes: a lesson full of poses, breathing and relaxation techniques that incorporate: visual imagery, learning points, sensory integration, creative movement and fun stuff such as books, music, props & crafts, complete Pose Pages with straightforward instructions for how to do the poses, along with traditional and kid-friendly pose names, suggestions for the number of times to repeat each pose, and pose benefits; guidance for authentically connecting with kids, and much more! Read more at: http://www.kidsandyoga.com/boutique.html

* I am working on some new projects including: (1) a yoga curriculum called Connect Protect Respect© -Yoga for Environmental Education & Earth Consciousness and (2) a book - Kids & Yoga!™ The Encyclopedia Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Teach Yoga to Children. More info in future!

* I sold the Spiral Flight Yoga Center in DC in 2007 and moved to Europe. My husband works here, and we now have a baby daughter (who does butterfly pose, mountain and down-dog quite well for a one-year old!) I still teach in the U.S. at two great yoga centers. Here is the schedule of upcoming 2009 Radiant Child Yoga Program 1-2 Teacher Trainings, if you want to review, or know of others who may want to attend:

19-21 June, Brussels, Belgium - Yoga Simran studio

5-7 June, Washington DC - Yoga Chai, 202.746.YOGA(9642), info@yogachai.com, Washington, DC

25-27 September, Jacksonville, FL - Yoga Ananda Studio, 904.680.7344, info@yogaanandastudio.com, Jacksonville, FL

2-4 October, Washington, DC - Yoga Chai, 202.746.YOGA(9642), info@yogachai.com

20-22 November, Brussels, Belgium - Yoga Simran studio

That is all the news here. I hope you will check out my new website! I set it up in January 2009, and have had 15,000 hits so far... it is so wonderful the growing interest in the benefits of yoga for children!

Very Best, Sat Nam and Namaste,


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